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Date: 8-19-2014
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 39,942

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The fucking stones on this guy! Bravo Benny, seriously! If sebmojo accepts, this is what the two of you will write for me:

The two of you should be familiar with how I write. It's like I inject speed into my eyeballs and snort a pound of coke off a hooker's ass before I sit down and write. Well, I'm pretty certain I've never seen the two of you write some over the top popcorn story. That shit is about to change.

I want a Rocky Balboa vs that black dude with the American flag as shorts. I want a Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I want a Samson vs that bitch Delilah and her bastard home skillets. Gentlemen, I want an Underdog story and that motherfucker better be balls to the wall crazy or I will be cross.

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Benny the Snake
False God
Airman Jim versus the Leviathan!