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Date: 9-22-2014
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 22,053

Judges (crits):
Anomalous Blowout
Brawl Archivist:

By god, listen! It's the klaxon of failure!

Broenheim and Juniper Cake, your stories were nonsensical and bad. But let's face it, "nonsensical and bad" isn't exactly the worst that Thunderdome has ever seen, so one of you will get a shot at redemption.

Broenheim's original story had cops and murderers and a victim nobody gave a shit about or something. Juniper's was basically The Matrix meets The Little Mermaid but awful.

For your loserbrawl, I challenge you thusly:

Broenheim, you must write a crime story where the victim is more central to the story's focus than the criminal or someone trying to "save" them.
Juniper, you must write a story about a child who loves his parents and helps them with something important.

But there's a twist!

You must each include an entire sentence from the other brawler's original story.

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Round 1
A Friend In Need