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Date: 9-24-2014
Word Limit: 2500
Words Written: 23,353

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This week brawl a little complex, but I’m sure with your amazing reading comprehension you’ll be able to do just fine!

You cocksuckers are tasked to write about two protagonists. You each will design one protagonist that will be inserted into the next person’s story. In the same post, you will state a type of relationship which will force the previous domer to tie their protagonists together win.

To be clear, you make a character, the domer below you makes a character for you and the domer above you tells you what their relationship is. If you have questions, you better get on IRC and ask them, because I will judge you believing you understand these rules.

The order of domers is such:

The person below you gets a protagonist, the person above you gets a relationship status.

You have two weeks and 2,500 words. Your story can be what the fuck ever. Whatever it is. It better be good. Failure to submit a story on time will be met with a lifelong ban to future Merc-Brawls.

3 Total Participants:
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