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Date: 10-16-2014
Word Limit: 2500
Words Written: 25,267

Judges (crits):
Bad Seafood
Brawl Archivist:

Super Villains are the shit. They got all this power and instead of using it for good, they destroy stuff cause sometimes, you just want to see something burn. Super Villains are the stuff made of nightmares with abilities that cause regular heroes to shit their pants. You own the city; fuck it! You own the world!

But goddamit, you’re hungry/bored/thirsty/feeling a little bit under the weather.

This brawl is a little different. Ironic Twist had two weeks to write and polish his story, and he'll have ANOTHER two weeks to polish it even further, giving him an unfair advantage, if you're a noob. So I'm opening up this week to three more domers. Doesn't matter if you won all the Thunderdomes, or if you don't know how to work a pencil. The first three to sign up have to write about a world conquering super villain stuck doing everyday-things.

Guest Judges Appear!
The Lord of Darkness, Bad Seafood arises from his eons of slumber, again, to discover he is out of milk (fucking roommates) and the fridge smells terrible.
The Baron of Baddassery uppercuts his way past a line of customers at a local Starbucks, angry that his motherfucking latte wasn't skinny.

4 Total Participants:
Round 1
Ironic Twist
Sterling Sliver
Grizzled Patriarch
An Open Letter to Whoever Keeps Parking Their Invisible Car Outside My Window
Benny the Snake