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Date: 12-24-2014
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 23,534

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Write about something you hate. Make me hate it too through your character(s)' eyes. Spare no expense in belittling, berating, and slandering said object, person, place, activity, idea, time period, dance move, common appliance, app, or water-dwelling mammal (crustaceans are off limits).

Obviously, write an actual story, not a vignette. Also actually follow the fucking prompt, this isn't rocket science. Don't try to get cutesy and argue with me later that really love is the most extreme form of hate or some bullshit. Just straight up wreck something. I want to read pure, unadulterated hatred.

If they are not in by the time I sip sparkling cider on Jan 1st, I will report your toxx. I am not as soft as the doof.

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