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Date: 5-19-2015
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 25,341

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Skwidmonster and blue squares. Here’s your prompt. By request, you fuckers will each complete your own version of the following story:


“I dunno, man. There are worse things than being turned into a spider.”

“Like what?”

“Like being turned into… I dunno. Something a spider eats. A fly, maybe?”

“But I don’t want to be a spider!” Quinn said, “I don’t want to turn into anything! I want to stay a human!”

Jason shrugged. The internet hadn’t been helpful in answering “How to fix a gypsy curse” and that meant he was pretty much out of options. He hadn’t learned anything about how to fix his friend. He did learn that “gypsy” was an outdated, pejorative term and that it was more appropriate to use “Roma” or “Romani” because there were too many negative and stereotypical associations with “gypsy.” Like the belief that they could cast curses.

Which it turns out they could. At least some of them. At least one of them.

Quinn covered his face with his hands. That morning, two more eyes had opened on his forehead. Jason reached over and rubbed his buddy’s back.

“It’s okay, man,” Jason said, “We just need to find their camp. See if we can trade something to get you back to normal.”


You have 1,000 words to use as you wish. However, you're not allowed to a change a single word of mine.

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blue squares
The Story of Jason, Quinn, and the Gypsy: A Gay Romp in and around the southern Italian city of Naples, Italy.
Alms for the Spider God