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Date: 6-9-2015
Word Limit: 800
Words Written: 23,317

Judges (crits):
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oh hey u guys.

Ok so here's the score, both of you have 6 stories that haven't been DQed for some reason. Both of you have 1 brawl loss. One of you has 2 DMs, and the other has nothing. Slight advantage to BlueWher, but easily anybody's brawl here, so don't save this til the last minute, and ACTUALLY WRITE YOUR ASS OFF.

Prompt: too little, too late.

that's it. do with that what you will, but god dammit if I can't see that in your story I'll be fucking angry.

2 Total Participants:
Round 1
Blue Wher
Blue Wher vs Skwidmonster Brawl