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Date: 10-3-2015
Word Limit: 1800
Words Written: 13,529

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Sitting Here
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Lots of people know I work at a hotel. Not everyone knows that we have a bonafide ghost! Yeah. He lives in room 111, which was actually decommissioned and turned into public restrooms. The ghost responded by...being fairly chill, it turns out. Sometimes at night, he opens and closes the front door. When he's grumpy, he makes my boss's Excel charts not do the thing my boss wants them to do (according to my boss).

What I want from you two is stories about a ghost (or ghosts) who reside in some sort of multi-person dwelling. Could be a hotel or an apartment building or a dorm, anything along those lines. The catch is: the staff knows about their noncorporeal guests, but the residents don't.

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spectres of autism
A Classy Ghost
The Histi Regent Hotel