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Date: 3-20-2016
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 33,628

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April fools'! That's what you're writing about. A prank. A story in which one person pranks another person. Is it an innocent prank, and everybody laughs at the end? Or is it one of those mean pranks where people cry? I don't like those pranks. I think pranks should be silly.

Twist - Your challenge is to write a story that doesn't crawl up its own butthole in terms of ~style~ and can actually convey a straightforward narrative.

Sitting Here - Your challenge is to write an active character that has his or her shit put together.

In a way, this is a brawl against yourself, because both of you are strong writers, and it's really about not fucking yourself over by settling for your comfort zone.

Let the pranks begin!

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Sitting Here
Monsters in the Mouths of Babes