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Date: 4-26-2016
Word Limit: 0
Words Written: 17,883

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just tell me a fucking story about a character i give a shit about. that character is commonly inanimate, but it can move and do shit because fiction. your character wants something and does things to get that thing. etc. etc. write good, be crazy if you want to, but make me care.

spectres - i want you to focus on clarity. i dont want to go "huh?" too often in the story and be confused. dont play your cards too close to your hands, im a fucking idiot. make me care and be clear as fucking pool water.

djeser - idk i havent read any of your stuff lately so idk what i dont like about your stuff so dont fuck up and dont write about an ai, write about a rock or something idk. no ai things or something thats p. much an ai but isnt technically an ai. oh yeah and dont write about a vending machine you alrdy did that

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spectres of autism
Mura Masa
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