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Date: 6-12-2016
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 22,864

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What is a cliche, Thunderdome? It's something beginning writers don't recognise, and most of the rest avoid like the plague. I'm going to advance a crazy proposition today: cliches are ideas that are so powerful -- that hit so damn hard -- that everybody who hears them goes on to repeat them. They're not bad ideas: they're great ideas that are worn out. Stick with me here. Consider the phrase "falling in love" - it's worthless word candy, right? If that's true, what is it about love that reminds us so much of falling? Did that hit you a bit better? Writing cliche well is a skill that more writers need to develop - it requires you to ask exactly why this idea was resonant and why it got worn out, then reframe it so we remember why we wore it out in the first place. When Ezra Pound talked about cliche, he said "make it new", and that's your task this week: I'm going to give you all the most tired, worn-out bullshit romantic cliches, and I want you to make them fresh again. Each brawling pair gets a single cliche, and the winner is the one who brings it to life the best.

Newtestleper vs DMBoogie. Cliche: absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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The Rough Equivalent of Our Mantra "Something Is Better Than Nothing Except When Nothing Is Better Than Something" Sped up and Looped for Six Continuous Hours