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Date: 8-9-2016
Word Limit: 4000
Words Written: 25,403

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For this final round, we're doing something very special; we're bringing back TD's most infamous prompt. That's right you fuckers, we're doing MAGICAL REALISM. "Oh no Muffin I don't understand what that means" boohoo you hack, you're the best of the best so you gotta have this shit down. This is some literary-ass serious poignant shit. What is it?

In simplest terms, magical realism exists in a world where metaphors are literal. If somebody falls in love, they literally fall through the surface of the earth, careening down and down until they pop out the other side at their true love's feet. If somebody has a dark heart, their heart is a literal pulsing ball of darkness. Got it? Cool.

But you're not TD kiddies, so it's more than that: you're each gonna get a painting, and the painting has to inspire your story.

THRANGUY, you have The Colossus, by Goya

SPECTRES, you have Les raboteurs de parquet, by Caillebotte

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