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Date: 8-6-2013
Word Limit: 800
Words Written: 4,931

Judges (crits):
Brawl Archivist:

Capn, your story had great potential but the execution was sloppy as hell. I'll give you more feedback in the judgepost I'm writing right now (yes, I'm giving everyone feedback FOR REAL this time), but for now just know that you really need to work on your word choice and sentence structure.

Hillock, you fucked up and didn't enter.

So this DUEL is your chance at redemption. Each of you will write a cyberblaxploitation story, 800 words this time. Due date is Wednesday at midnight.

Hillock, your protagonist must fail to enter a contest and face the consequences.

Capn, your protagonist must get into some sort of trouble due to his lack of a way with words.



Jaeger, since you want to get in on that hot action, here's your flash rule:

Story must be cyberpunk in the vein of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, and blaxploitation in the vein of Foxy Brown. I didn't like Snow Crash so fuck off.

3 Total Participants:
Round 1
Nubile Hillock
Cyborg Systa Settles a Score