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Date: 1-16-2019
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 15,012

Judges (crits):
Sitting Here
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Your prompt is this quote:

    What am I? What has my will done to make me that I am? Nothing. I have been floated into this thought, this hour, this connection of events, by secret currents of might and mind, and my ingenuity and willfulness have not thwarted, have not aided to an appreciable degree.

You can each, additionally, optionally, request a dumb flashrule from me. But only a dumb one.

Update: Simon gets the flashrule "hipster elves" and sham gets the flashrule "normcore dragons"

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Sham bam bamina!
The Age of Dragonlore
Simply Simon
Be Your Life's Trendsetter
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