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Date: 1-16-2019
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 16,125

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Because sebmojo is one of the most experienced and successful domers there is, and onset is literally brand new and possessed with more chutzpah than sense, I'm splitting this prompt up a bit to give each of you a fighting chance.

You may not use dialogue. I want you to take this song and use it as inspiration to paint me the most concrete picture you can of family drama and community politics in the face of coming turmoil. You can use all your writerly powers to play with this guideline as much as you like, but I want this community to feel like a real place really coming apart at the seams. To make it a bit harder for you: no onscreen violence. Implied is fine if you must.

Because you picked a fight with one of the biggest goons in the yard on your second week, you get to write about someone completely in over their head. This could run the gamut from fighting someone way out of their weight class to literally defying a hurricane while shirtless and waving an American flag, although if you straight up literally use the exact images/videos here you better have a heck of a fresh take on 'em. I want you to really dig into the head of someone who'd throw themselves into that sort of "I am completely overwhelmed and anyone thinking logically would run" situation and why the hell they'd do it. Determination, defiance, other things with D.

Must keep the story grounded and realistic. It's okay for it to not strictly be 2019 Earth, but no overt supernatural elements or the like. Neither of you are obligated to use your exact images/videos in their most literal sense, just take inspiration from them. Neither of you may use "how" adverbs; even one will be a DQ loss.

Additional hellrules: *No explicitly apocalyptic stories; I'm just sick of 'em. So in sebmojo's case, the world can't literally end, be ending, be about to end, or have ended already - this specific community might or might not be fucked, but the rest of the world isn't doing horribly.
* One additional rule per combatant available upon request
Standard rules also apply. So no poetry, erotica, fanfic, quote tags, political screeds, bodily fluids, google docs, etc etc

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The holes of Maslow County