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Date: 01-21-2021
Word Limit: 1500
Words Written: 10,141

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All right, you heels and faces, I'm hurling myself into the fray as Brawl Judge. I have no idea what I'm doing, since I've never done this before, which makes me the absolute perfect referee for such a high-stakes duel. This brings me to the prompt:

Rivals in Random Places

Every good competition has its rivals, and every rivalry has an appropriate battlefield. Wrestlers fight in the ring; chefs duel in the kitchen; Cloud and Sephiroth fight in Final Fantasy VII. When rivals fight in those spaces, everything is right in the universe. When rivals fight in the wrong places, nothing makes sense. Wrestlers start dueling at chili-cookoffs, chefs start punching each other in parking lots, and plumbers start getting stabbed.

Write me a story about rivalries heating up in the wrong location. Rival businessmen dueling it out through their kids' book reports? Great. Rival boxers taking their aggression out with Tetris? Fabulous. Give me any rivals anywhere, as long as those rivals are out of their comfort zone. After all, why should they be comfortable? This is Thunderdome!

Word Count: 1500
Due Date: Tue, Jan 26, at 11:59pm PST
Additional Rules: No fanfic allowed, but erotica IS allowed

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The Belle of the Butcher's Ball
Sending the clowns