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Date: 06-15-2022
Word Limit: 600
Words Written: 21,457

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Jib, curling, you two are being extremely unreasonable, which is why your brawl prompt is The Curse of the Reasonable Person!

As described in the E/N posts of yore, the curse of the reasonable person is that reasonable people will always be forced to give into unreasonable people, because unreasonable people will throw an absolute shit-fit if they don't get their way. If you've ever been told 'don't rock the boat' when you point out that someone is drilling through the center of the boat and screaming at everyone who tries to stop them, congratulations, you are the reasonable person!

You each have 600 words to write a story involving the curse of the reasonable person. It can be funny, sad, disturbing, bleak, uplifting, absurd, or whatever else you can think of. As long as it's not fanfic or erotica, it's fair game.

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Round 1
Why Does She Do That?
The Cut of Your Jib
Who Needs a Reason?