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Date: 11-13-2013
Word Limit: 500
Words Written: 20,280

Judges (crits):
Bad Seafood
Brawl Archivist:

Alright you two, listen up. I want a nice clean fight and a story about revenge, which like all good medicine should convey something about revenge. Its poignancy, futility, longevity, whatever.

But why stop there?

Sebmojo: You are permitted to tell me everything about the reckoning except the reckoning itself. Beforehand, after, everything else is kosher.

Quidnose: Yours is an inherited hate. From father to son, tribe against tribe, your call. Whatever the reason, whatever the grudge, at least one of your players must not hail from the original parties involved. Interpret however you see fit.

2 Total Participants:
Round 1
Hosana In Excelsis
Getting Cut