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Date: 12-17-2013
Word Limit: 1000
Words Written: 34,209

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I don't know whether either of you is aware, but there's an entire world of glittery mermen out there. Glittery merman ornaments. With professions! They raise all sorts of questions in my mind, such as: what fires are there to fight underwater? What is the point of merman camo? And why in God's name does this dude have a pair of boxers under his tail?

Never mind the mer-stripping, though, because your prompt is to write a story about mermen doing jobs. What those jobs are is up to you, but I expect these stories to take place in the ocean, so you may wish to adjust your premise of a mer-cowboy accordingly.

The 'no fanfic' rule still applies, so refrain from writing about mer-Christian Grey despite the undoubted temptation.

Deadline: Wednesday, December 25, 11:59pm US Eastern. Merman ornaments after Christmas are just tacky.

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