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Date: 4-8-2014
Word Limit: 600
Words Written: 29,706

Judges (crits):
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This is how it's gonna work.

First: I want 600 words on vampires and small town sports teams that is not reminiscent of any vampire fiction you've read or heard of. I want it posted before Thursday 10 April 2359 PST.

Second: Once you've both submitted you have 24 hours to objectively crit both your piece and your competitors. Post your crits, and your choice of victor, at 11 April 2359 PST on the dot.

The exact time for posting the crits is flexible if that doesn't work with your lives, but I want the posting to be as close to simultaneous as possible. And it goes without saying that you should not collaborate or discuss.

Penalties will be assigned for incorrect crits.

2 Total Participants:
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The News at 5
Hail Mary
Vampire Bats
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