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Date: 4-22-2014
Word Limit: 2500
Words Written: 21,762

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This is a prompt that’s been brewing a long time. I had it planned way back for the first thread, but I despite a lot of HMs in the time between, I’ve never managed to clinch another win. In the meantime, the number of entrants has gone up, and the word counts have gone down, and it’s not really viable for a big ole’ whole ‘dome rumble any more. This feels right, though. This feels just. The universe was waiting for this moment, for me to lay down the rules by which you live. This is gonna be epic, lads. Your prompt is:

Set a story in a new world. Not America, not Mars, not Neo-London: something totally unrecogniseable from the earth we know and love. I want to be able to taste it in the air, I want to be able to smell it, to hear its songs. I want a living, breathing place constructed entirely from your imagination, as different from Terra Firma 2014 as a siberian tiger is different from a big mac.

Furthermore, you must tell a story. Characters, motivations, plot. No encyclopedia entries or blog posts or naturalists taking notes. You don’t have the time nor the space for that. You need to sell your world through the fabric of the story, through the way the characters perceive their world and choose to act in it. May God help you if it reads like Malazan: Book of the Fallen.

Finally: Mojo no cyberpunk, Systran no Chinese/Turkish-esque mashup.

Your limit is 2500. That is a hard limit: one single word over (title inclusive) and I will fail your ass so hard that your children will be born with losertars instead of faces. I will count every single word and every single one over the limit will be taken as a personal insult that I will avenge by coming to your house and shitting in places that shit does not go.

Deadline is 11:59pm Wednesday May 7th. Since you’re both in wacky-ass timezones, we’re running by the only true clock: Singapore standard time. That’s UTC+8.

C'mon little doggies, let's rumble.

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