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Date: 7-7-2014
Word Limit: 1800
Words Written: 26,243

Judges (crits):
Schneider Heim
Brawl Archivist:

Since you're all hardcore and want to fight two people at a time, I'll give you that.

Write a story about three characters who fight/argue/compete for something important. Only one of them gets it. No compromises.

Guidelines (so that we're clear on what I'd like to see):
- Write about the characters, not the thing. The thing's not as important.
- All your characters must have a legit claim to the McGuffin. Don't just focus on one and make strawmen out of the other two. (You can use one of them as a limited POV, but as much as possible don't rig the scales to their favor)
- Try to make everyone likable--there should be no obvious villains.

No fantasy/sci-fi. As usual, don't write fanfic or erotica.

3 Total Participants:
Round 1
The Only Road