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Date: 8-14-2014
Word Limit: 750
Words Written: 26,490

Judges (crits):
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You nerds seem to like to chat a lot. Look at you filling up the thread with your poop-mouthed drivel.

Use 750 words to write me a story about a mute main character. Tell his story through his/her gestures and actions. Don't wuss out by having other people talk for him/her or explain what s/he's doing.

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. work on several drafts over your almost two-week time limit. don't rush and write it all on friday. i will be able to tell. If either of you fail to submit, I will make your archive account background goatse.

furthermore, both of you are decent writers with a lot of potential, so you should both fear losing. write the best god damn story you can.

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