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Date: 12-28-2020
Word Limit: 400
Words Written: 37,996

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As the year ends, we are faced by a cosmological crisis. The temples of Techne have crumbled, and we find ourselves once again clustered around fires by night. Looking up, we see that the sky is a dark canvas, dappled with thousands of twinkling stars. But, they're all new! If there were astronomers left, they'd be both beside themselves in grief, and giddy with the prospect of new discovery. But they're all gone now, so it's just us survivors, looking into the night sky.

Instead of fear, we look up with hope. So many new stories to be told! Stories of things past, stories of things to come, and stories of why things are the way they are.

It will be three nights until Sebmojo returns from meditation on the mountain. Let's look up at the new sky with its new constellations and tell each other stories about what we see. With luck, we can make some sense of the year that has past, and maybe even let some of the pain and shame slip behind us as we bravely look to the future.

[spoiler]If you're itching to get rid of a 2020 losertar, then post a semi-decent flash story for this interprompt, and I'll huck a new avatar your way.[/spoiler]

Look at these constellations, swirling above the firmament! Pick one and tell a 400 word story about it. What's it called? What does it represent? How did it climb from the earth into the heavens? You don't have to answer all of these questions, but maybe they inspire a story.

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