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The list of the cowards, the worst of the worst. Those who entered thunderdome only to be struck down, and instead of picking themselves back up, and reclaiming their dignity, slunk off into the night never to reappear.
TheGreekOwl (missing for 123 weeks)
PHIZ KALIFA (missing for 266 weeks)
Skwid (missing for 290 weeks)
Krunge (missing for 168 weeks)
s7ndicate3 (missing for 249 weeks)
madpanda (missing for 258 weeks)
Khris Kruel (missing for 209 weeks)
Feste (missing for 324 weeks)
Bacon Terrorist (missing for 84 weeks)
TheRamblingSoul (missing for 331 weeks)
terre packet (missing for 23 weeks)
gredgie (missing for 379 weeks)
Club Sandwich (missing for 292 weeks)
Halbey (missing for 239 weeks)
artichoke (missing for 197 weeks)
Beef Steakwell (missing for 280 weeks)
Mirthless (missing for 336 weeks)
Kharmakazy (missing for 208 weeks)
AgentCooper (missing for 257 weeks)
Mister Morn (missing for 319 weeks)
Pokeylope (missing for 210 weeks)
Venomous (missing for 165 weeks)
Hugoon Chavez (missing for 265 weeks)
stoutfish (missing for 333 weeks)
Froglight (missing for 235 weeks)
iTrust (missing for 58 weeks)
higgz (missing for 349 weeks)
ollyd300 (missing for 277 weeks)
HWPS (missing for 259 weeks)
GlyphGryph (missing for 238 weeks)
OMGVBFLOL (missing for 42 weeks)
YFDHippo (missing for 216 weeks)
Goodpancakes (missing for 204 weeks)
Griff Lee (missing for 309 weeks)
saladscooper (missing for 60 weeks)
WillamAnderson (missing for 368 weeks)
mastajake (missing for 330 weeks)
Wark Say (missing for 27 weeks)
Max22 (missing for 356 weeks)
Tomn (missing for 282 weeks)
Arivia (missing for 398 weeks)
Omi no Kami (missing for 257 weeks)
Palisader (missing for 319 weeks)
Krotera (missing for 314 weeks)
Zerbra23 (missing for 190 weeks)
Ausmund (missing for 297 weeks)
Eastdrom (missing for 318 weeks)
Cervid (missing for 346 weeks)
Silmarildur (missing for 225 weeks)
Karia (missing for 186 weeks)
Prester Jane (missing for 167 weeks)
Have Blue (missing for 128 weeks)
No Beer Left (missing for 237 weeks)
Haam (missing for 335 weeks)
slughead42 (missing for 77 weeks)
im on the net me boys (missing for 24 weeks)
Narahari (missing for 309 weeks)
BrilliantFool (missing for 302 weeks)
s7indicate3 (missing for 188 weeks)
Cingulate (missing for 239 weeks)
Canasta_Nasty (missing for 46 weeks)
nutranurse (missing for 314 weeks)
Comrade Question (missing for 262 weeks)
CARRIERHASARRIVED (missing for 233 weeks)
No Gravitas (missing for 163 weeks)
Mad Wack (missing for 245 weeks)
Anoulie (missing for 314 weeks)
WHR 49.5 (missing for 384 weeks)
Development (missing for 137 weeks)
Blind Sally (missing for 86 weeks)
Squilliam Fancyson (missing for 349 weeks)
Dirtbag Diva (missing for 291 weeks)
Superb Owls (missing for 284 weeks)
jimcunningham (missing for 247 weeks)
Ventadour (missing for 227 weeks)
ThatGuyStoneSoup (missing for 204 weeks)