The list of the quitters, the worst of the worst. Those who entered thunderdome only to be struck down, and instead of picking themselves back up, and reclaiming their dignity, slunk off into the night never to reappear.
Arivia (missing for 523 weeks)
WHR 49.5 (missing for 509 weeks)
gredgie (missing for 504 weeks)
WillamAnderson (missing for 493 weeks)
Max22 (missing for 481 weeks)
Squilliam Fancyson (missing for 474 weeks)
higgz (missing for 474 weeks)
Cervid (missing for 471 weeks)
Mirthless (missing for 461 weeks)
Haam (missing for 460 weeks)
stoutfish (missing for 458 weeks)
TheRamblingSoul (missing for 456 weeks)
mastajake (missing for 455 weeks)
Feste (missing for 449 weeks)
Palisader (missing for 444 weeks)
Eastdrom (missing for 443 weeks)
nutranurse (missing for 439 weeks)
Anoulie (missing for 439 weeks)
Krotera (missing for 439 weeks)
Griff Lee (missing for 434 weeks)
Narahari (missing for 434 weeks)
BrilliantFool (missing for 427 weeks)
Ausmund (missing for 422 weeks)
Club Sandwich (missing for 417 weeks)
Dirtbag Diva (missing for 416 weeks)
Skwid (missing for 415 weeks)
Superb Owls (missing for 409 weeks)
Tomn (missing for 407 weeks)
Beef Steakwell (missing for 405 weeks)
ollyd300 (missing for 402 weeks)
Hugoon Chavez (missing for 390 weeks)
Comrade Question (missing for 387 weeks)
HWPS (missing for 384 weeks)
madpanda (missing for 383 weeks)
Omi no Kami (missing for 382 weeks)
AgentCooper (missing for 382 weeks)
s7ndicate3 (missing for 374 weeks)
jimcunningham (missing for 372 weeks)
Mad Wack (missing for 370 weeks)
Cingulate (missing for 364 weeks)
Halbey (missing for 364 weeks)
GlyphGryph (missing for 363 weeks)
No Beer Left (missing for 362 weeks)
Froglight (missing for 360 weeks)
CARRIERHASARRIVED (missing for 358 weeks)
Ventadour (missing for 352 weeks)
Silmarildur (missing for 350 weeks)
YFDHippo (missing for 341 weeks)
Pokeylope (missing for 335 weeks)
Khris Kruel (missing for 334 weeks)
Kharmakazy (missing for 333 weeks)
ThatGuyStoneSoup (missing for 329 weeks)
Goodpancakes (missing for 329 weeks)
artichoke (missing for 322 weeks)
Zerbra23 (missing for 315 weeks)
s7indicate3 (missing for 313 weeks)
Karia (missing for 311 weeks)
Krunge (missing for 293 weeks)
Prester Jane (missing for 292 weeks)
Venomous (missing for 290 weeks)
No Gravitas (missing for 288 weeks)
Development (missing for 262 weeks)
Have Blue (missing for 253 weeks)
TheGreekOwl (missing for 248 weeks)
Blind Sally (missing for 211 weeks)
slughead42 (missing for 202 weeks)
saladscooper (missing for 185 weeks)
iTrust (missing for 183 weeks)
Canasta_Nasty (missing for 171 weeks)
OMGVBFLOL (missing for 167 weeks)
Wark Say (missing for 152 weeks)
im on the net me boys (missing for 149 weeks)
terre packet (missing for 148 weeks)
HFCS (missing for 123 weeks)
AlmightyDerelict (missing for 106 weeks)
BB2K (missing for 78 weeks)
seaborgium (missing for 66 weeks)
Ominous Whooshing (missing for 41 weeks)
Amars (missing for 38 weeks)
Bacon Terrorist (missing for 23 weeks)
IshmaelZarkov (missing for 5 weeks)