Week #509 - Do Dinosaurs Dream of Proto-Sheep?
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Tyrannosaurus (crit)
rohan (crit)
Tars Tarkas (crit)

I'm inhabiting multiple bodies. I'm not so much a bunch of clones as I am like an ant colony. I remember this being an important distinction in the dream. Because I have a lot of different bodies, I'm capable of doing a bunch of stuff at the same time, studying different subjects, working different jobs, meeting different people, but able to gain all of those memories as long as there's physical contact. High five, handshake, backslap, whatever. One of me bursts through the door with terrible news: another one of me was hit by a train. We head to the morgue to identify the body. There's like thirty or forty of me stuffed into this tiny metal room and we're looking at my body on a stretcher. I'm blue like I froze to death. One of me reaches out and touches the corpse and not only experiences what that death was like but, because this transference of knowledge is so outside the normal rules of life, also what their own death will be like further in the future. They fling themselves backwards, accidently touching other versions of me and creating a cascade of horrific experience transferal as they in turn flail wildly. I try and escape the room but there's so many of us in their that I can't get the door open. It just keeps jamming into different me's bodies. All I can do is watch as the horrible knowledge is pushed closer and closer towards me. It looks like a twisted version of 'the wave.' Like, the thing that happens at baseball games.

The interpretation:

This dream is a rumination on the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” The colony of clones represents many possible futures. The forbidden knowledge is that every time you make a choice (what sport to play, what class to take, what date to go on), you narrow the options that remain open to each individual experience. The train forces you to confront a feeling of powerlessness: you can’t decide where it goes or when, just like you can’t control the outcome of your choices. This dream is telling you to let go of what might have been and instead be grateful for what you have now.

Court Case #TYR509 - Exhibit F

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