Week #509 - Do Dinosaurs Dream of Proto-Sheep?
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Tyrannosaurus (crit)
kaom (crit)
rohan (crit)

T-Rex's dream: This isn't the dream but a little bit of context: I dreamed of the same places often and sometimes, even when I was asleep, I was capable of recognizing that. This was one of those situations. In the dream, I was in the jungle on the sides of a dormant volcano, one that has water in the middle instead of lava. One with a tree at the edge of the cliff that I've used to jump off and escape in other dreams. I know that I'm dreaming. I also know that I'm being chased. But I know this jungle. It's my jungle. I'm able to outpace the men and dogs that are chasing me but instead of jumping off the tree and into the water I slide off the cliff edge and catch hold of some roots. I cling to them and watch as my pursuers leave over my head and go screaming past into the water far, far below me. I climb up and I'm face to face with an evil man in a green army uniform. I know he's going to kill my family. I fight him and I get him on the ground and I'm strangling him as hard as I can but I can't keep his windpipe closed long enough to suffocate him. It feels like I'm trying to pinch a water hose through his neck. I'm so frustrated I'm crying and every time my fingers lose strength and he takes a breath, he laughs. He tells me he's going to kill my family and there's nothing I can do to stop him.

Anti's interpretation: I think this is a dream about the limits of personal control of our circumstances, and the helplessness that hitting that limit can create. The dream-self has perfect control of their environment, able to manipulate it to vanquish their foes, but facing the danger head-on leads only to failure and frustration -- a sudden realization of where one's control and mastery stops. It feels like a dream about the moment you've hit the wall on a personal problem, or possibly find yourself face-to-face with the inevitable. (Saying the evil soldier who wants to kill your family and cannot be stopped represents Death feels kind of hacky, but... I think he might represent Death? Or a similar inevitable force, anyway.)

Death and the Emperor

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