Week #509 - Do Dinosaurs Dream of Proto-Sheep?
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Honorable Mention

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Tyrannosaurus (crit)
rohan (crit)
The Cut of Your Jib (crit)

Me and Jesus are in a treehouse. We're elementary school children. The treehouse is very nice, very well built, very fancy. The wood is that dark, old British mansion wood. There's a couch that my great-grandfather kept in his living room. Red and white spotted curtains on the windows. A working kitchen. Jesus has massive, thick black eyebrows and he scowls a lot as we play Pokemon cards even though he keeps winning. It starts to rain. I realize that it's not going to stop raining and that everyone is the world is going to die. I ask Jesus to make it stop and he says, "Why? Everyone out there is an asshole." I can't convince him to stop the flood.

Water is a recurring theme in almost all these dreams, and almost always associated with danger and death. The physiological interpretation is obvious, processing difficulty breathing as drowning, sleep paralysis as being held down. On top of that, we have religion. Here, the breaking of Noah's covenant stands out, resentment of being saved when others are not.

Can't Fight the Flood

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