Week #509 - Do Dinosaurs Dream of Proto-Sheep?
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My girlfriend and I are on a swampboat, one with the bag fan on the back, and we’re fleeing from something. Something bad that would hurt or kill us. We’re not actually on it, though. We’re hanging onto a metal bar on the back of it. In my dream, you can drive it like that. But the swampboat is damaged and is beginning to sink. I realize that we’re too heavy. I tell her I’m going to let go. She pleads with me not to but I want her to get away and be safe. She’s crying as I let go. I watch the swampboat disappear through the bayou. Have you ever been water skiing or tubing and you let go of the rope and then kinda slowly float backwards and spin around? That’s exactly what it feels like. The swamp is quiet and I listen to the birds and the mosquitos and the frogs and the crickets. The sun begins to set, streaks of orange like a crayon across the sky. I feel the water around me start to shift and in front of me emerges a massive albino alligator. Like, bigger than a car massive. Its eyes have been sewn shut with thick white rope. It grabs me and takes me under. It starts to spin and I start to drown.

interpretation: i think explaining interpretations is pretty lame but anyways, this made me think of the time when i went to florida and was surprised to see a lot of alligators just chilling out in parking lots and the like. it then got me thinking about the raccoons on my college’s campus and how you got used to them over time and then got me thinking about fear and familiarity and how we sorta trick ourselves into looking past those things because if you didnt, you wouldnt be able to exist. but the fear is always there, at least for me, so no matter how many times you call a raccoon a friend, it could always just attack you. so you walk this line of telling yourself youre not afraid while you are but you kind of arent? idk its weird which is why i wrote a poem.

also this dream is also about fear and that kind of knowing something is wrong or is going to get you but not rly clear on what that is, which this is also kind of about but tbh i didnt really plan that.

it’s nothing to be scared of

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