Week #92 - The Great White Elephant Gift Exchange!
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Entenzahn (comment)
Sitting Here (comment)
Tyrannosaurus (comment)

Presents: Elephants; psychological horror; ultimate, embarrassing defeat becoming a cathartic triumph (if only in the eyes of the protagonist); broken headphones; onomatopoeia; a hardboiled private detective; an irredeemably bad author; Japanese folktales; a piece of a mirror; old VHS tapes; the grocery store; a completely foreign language; a quest for a divine ass; good booze; a missing person; Our Lord and Savior White Conservative Jesus; a death wish; the phrase "was pure and untamed, and they were loving every minute of it"; roadkill; an old photo album; humor (the non-shitty kind); infection; pride; a cross-stitch pattern; hands; technology indistinguishable from magic, or possibly the other way around; a society founded with good intentions that ultimately became dystopian; coal mining; Eurovision; Non-Newtonian Fluids; an unwanted avatar.


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