Week #114 - Missed Catnections
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Missed connection:

Johnson Lake the poisonous snake and our Hero - w4m - 22 (raleigh)

3 of us were walking around the lake this afternoon and you were coming from the other direction. You stopped, held up your hand and yelled 'stop, copperhead in the road'. If it wasn't for you we probably would have stepped on it and it may have bitten us or my dog. I've never seen a poisonous snake before and we were all petrified. You told us just be still and that you would wait with us until it moved on. After, we couldn't stop talking about the handsome older gentleman with the jacked arms who obviously keeps himself in great shape. We want to buy our hero a drink ;) I asked you a question about your tat and you said something adorable to my dog. Write what I asked and what you said in the subject line; you'll be the only one who knows the answer. We'll be waiting....Daddy ;)

Cute animal:

Your Hero at Johnson Lake

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