Week #114 - Missed Catnections
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Honorable Mention

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crabrock (crit)
Thalamas (crit)
Tyrannosaurus (crit)
Walamor (crit)

Missed connection:

Fear of limits, unlimited fear - m4w - 43

The thrill of seeing your name attached to something, anything sent to me. I flit past. I don't want to know. I want to soak in your words as objects and curl up and hide in the shape of your name's letters, avoiding all meaning. These shapes belong to you. They project your power into the world. A magic spelling.

We fear their arrival. Love, friendship, heat, understanding, joy, sympathy. Anything moving towards us can also move away. They can harvest pieces of us quickly. We often don't notice the slow, lush growth they bring.

We fear being bound by all this bothersome liberation.

I love you.

This is to say:
I want everything you will give me.
I can deny you nothing.

Cute animal:

Craig's Tryst

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