Week #114 - Missed Catnections
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Missed connection:

God Spell - 23

Were are u?

I never see u.

I am just seeing what a big loser I am
By reading these losers post thinking it could be you.

But no way. I was stupid to think ... I listened to everything you said. From the time you told me I was with you in \'Frisco... the street lights.

I know how special you are we\'re different but the same. No One can understand you but me.

Dance with me. Take my hand.

I know you don\'t read this and I\'m just wishful thinking
They definitely say ur not good enough. I know different. \"Not my caliber.\" (sic)

My heart mirrors urs.

Wish my heart could build those ice bricks

That\'s how the ice house traps the fire.

Cute animal:

Ice and Desire

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