Week #114 - Missed Catnections
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Missed connection:

Wanted: a functional Causality Violator Device

I am wanting a causality violation device.
I've tried to reconstruct one myself but I lack the equipment and financial means.

I want such a machine because (a) to recover personal items that have been either lost or destroyed but are of high sentimental value and (b) a chance to revisit my personal history before I die. I really like to video record me playing with my friends when I was a child. Just to share those as a vlog or podcast would be interesting and entertaining alone.

Besides, I am an anomaly in this world. I want to request Temporal Asylum but I have not the means to communicate to a Time Travel Commission of sort.

There are three time, non-native, periods I shall like to visit.

Thank you so much if you can help.

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Cute animal:


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