Week #133 - The Gods of Thunderdome
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This story was critiqued by:
Fumblemouse (crit)

God 1: Anathot, the god of record keeping and the written word, is invoked in contracts and is excessively literal in their execution, appearing in order to stand in for absent parties so that agreements may be carried out to the letter. He appears as an old man with poor eyesight carrying a giant tome which contains all written knowledge.

God 2: 12 And these he offered to the Secondborn, patron of betrayer and betrayed,
13 For so often does the betrayer think himself betrayed.
14 Before him appeared the god, as a bronze lion with two heads,
15 ...
16 ... [and] bearing the arms of man. "Secondborn,
17 I seek vengeance," he spoke, and was touched by the god's brand,
18 Such that he could not die until avenged, or struck down
19 By the hand of his betrayer. ...

Akkakut, who went into the desert and did not come out

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