Week #133 - The Gods of Thunderdome
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Dishonorable Mention

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Fumblemouse (crit)

God 1: Dash Winglet, god of Irresponsible Alacrity. As long as there has been motion, there has been a desire for faster motion. Dash is the redline thirst for more More MORE! VRRRROOOOOOM! CRASH! tinkle tinkle

God 2: The Lawgiver\'s symbols are the circle, triangle, and square. The Lawgiver is always clad in white, and adorned with copper, gold, and brass. The Lawgiver shapes the world through the actions of its millions of devoted servants.

Nom-Nom Nutri-Bar Presents! Mightily Forward Thrust Heroics! Episode 12: Trouble on Moonsat Gamma.

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