Week #133 - The Gods of Thunderdome
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Honorable Mention

This story was critiqued by:
Broenheim (crit)

God 1: The city of Sophir, far to the east, moves entirely upwards; it crawls up the side of its vast mountain with a profusion of ropes, hanging baskets, cable cars and ladders. Ah is the god of the invisible last rung, always just out of reach. It is worshipped in extremis.

God 2: \r\nVorun the Sunken, God of Song. Possessed a voice without equal which allowed him to shape the world around him. Out of jealousy, another god sewed his mouth shut and cast him into the sea.

God 3: Hers are the words in the lunatic\'s ear, and her hands guide genius. Her domain is the warped mirror and the cracked lens revealing the secret orders. She is Ioc, made of madness and brilliance and the true systems.


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