Week #420 - Guys we made the weed number
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Recap for Week #420 @ 106:34

Contributor: owlhawk911

Genre: Western

Protagonist attribute: Rustler w/ heart of gold

Protagonist obstructor: Poor memory control. Remembers cool shit seemingly at random, forgets what they're doing while they're doing it

What the protagonist wants: Weed, snacks, and cuddles

Story setting: On Earth, but it's all sci-fi and shit

Setting details: Northern edge of the Canadian Dust Bowl, 2070

World problem: Earth sux now, and cyber cowboys wrangle/rustle roving resource extractor bots that are a lot like cattle for no good goddamn reason

Your protagonist... Planet's dyin, poster. A surveillance state clutches ever more tightly for control of our dwindling resources

Your protagonist's attribute... "Used to have the thing they want, but now it's gone" OR IS IT???

Your protagonist's obstructor... Helps them gets what they want

At the end of the story... The world problem is no longer relevant to the protagonist, Everything is still fucked but our guy finds some comfort/escape. A happy ending, damn you


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