Week #420 - Guys we made the weed number
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This story was critiqued by:
magic cactus (crit)
Sitting Here (crit)

Contributor Thranguy

Genre: Science Fiction

Protagonist attribute: Gunslinger

Protagonist obstructor: Amoral

What the protagonist wants: Fortune and glory

Story setting: Somewhere else in this universe, and it's all sci-fi and shit

Setting details: Mars

World problem: Corrupt ancient nations and city-states

Your protagonist... Is about to discover what they want

Your protagonist's attribute... Helps them gets what they want

Your protagonist's obstructor... Doesn't seem so bad, then it gets worse

At the end of the story... The world problem is not solved, but it's getting better, The world problem is overshadowed by a worse problem

The Little Why and the Big Why

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