Week #420 - Guys we made the weed number
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Contributor Entenzahn

Genre: Steampunk Noir

Protagonist attribute: Garbage disposal

Protagonist obstructor: dumb

What the protagonist wants: build a robot

Story setting: Somewhere in an alternate universe

Setting details: It takes place in a massive sprawling steampunk metropolis ruled by an elitist class of shadow oligarchs that slowly eliminate the need for a working class through automation, causing the proletariat to be divided amongst themselves as they squabble for job opportunities

World problem: automation. and capitalism

Your protagonist... Is trying to get the thing they want, but it's difficult

Your protagonist's attribute... Helps them gets what they want

Your protagonist's obstructor... Doesn't seem so bad, then it gets worse

At the end of the story... The world problem is made worse by the protagonist, The world problem is made worse by someone else, The world problem makes itself worse, The world problem is not solved, and will get worse (Judge note: If you only pick one or two of these that's okay)

Brick by Brick

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