Week #420 - Guys we made the weed number
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Honorable Mention

This story was critiqued by:
GrandmaParty (comment)
Yoruichi (crit)

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Recap for Week #420 @ 106:34

Contributor: GrandmaParty

Genre: General/literary fiction (for our purposes, this just means contemporary stories set in the real world)

Protagonist attribute: highly allergic hypochondriac

Protagonist obstructor: They have pica

What the protagonist wants: to move past the death of his precious horse

Story setting: On Earth, sometime close to the present day

Setting details: Present day

World problem: Penises are just falling off

Your protagonist...Feels guilty about what they want

Your protagonist\'s attribute...Comes into play in an unexpected way

Your protagonist\'s obstructor...Helps them get what they want

At the end of the story...The world problem is no longer relevant to the protagonist

The First Cud Is The Deepest

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