Week #420 - Guys we made the weed number
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a friendly penguin (crit)

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Recap for Week #420 @ 106:34

Contributor: Slumpy

Genre: General/literary fiction (for our purposes, this just means contemporary stories set in the real world) (Judge note: I'll be flexible with the genre, in this instance)

Protagonist attribute: A model 389 Peterbilt semi tractor trailer. Red.

Protagonist obstructor: paranoid, hot headed, gaming addiction (lenient on that one)

What the protagonist wants: it wants to kill T.A Peterbilt, the creator of the Peterbilt company

Story setting: On Earth, sometime close to the present day

Setting details: The model 389 was introduced in 2006 and is still made today so 2006-2020+ is fine (be reasonable, who knows if they'll
still make a 389 in 2067). United states obviously.

World problem: T.A Peterbilt is already dead. The truck doesn't know it.

Your protagonist... Is about to discover what they want

Your protagonist's attribute... Seems to help, but backfires

Keep on Truckin’

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