Week #420 - Guys we made the weed number
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Recap for Week #420 @ 106:34

Contributor: Musluk

Genre: Magical realism

Protagonist attribute: Magical equivalent of TFR agent who is constantly high from busting into weed farms

Protagonist obstructor: Weed makes them paranoid

What the protagonist wants: They want the wanton property destruction from busting to stop

Story setting: On Earth, but magical realism

Setting details: 1992 LA

World problem: Cyberpunk and technology is on the rise

Your protagonist... Just wants to stay alive tbh

Your protagonist's attribute... Becomes an OBSTRUCTOR

Your protagonist's obstructor... Doesn't seem so bad, then it gets worse

At the end of the story... The world problem is made worse by the protagonist, The world problem makes itself worse, The world problem is not solved, and will get worse (Judge note: if you can't make all of these work, pick one or two)

The Constant Speed a Freely Falling Object Eventually Reaches When the Resistance of the Medium it is Falling Through Prevents Further Acceleration

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