Week #431 - Canterbury Tales: Blood Throne Edition
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Honorable Mention

This story was critiqued by:
Maugrim (crit)

hranguy, the Hellish Pardoner
* Monday's spooky castle: HAUNTED and and developed an AVERSION to ancient grudges and an AFFINITY for ancient grudges
* Tuesday's terrible inn: DRUNK, now singing "Now the moon's rising / Ain't got no time to lose"
* Won the drinking contest! and developed DOUBLE VISION: can copy someone's flashrule from the same encounter. (+200 words)
* Wednesday's treasure hunt: You searched under this weird tile that looks like fuck if I know. How did you even find this?? (+50)
* Surprise fairy attack: Fiery Coinage demands SILVER
* Thursday's Encounter: TEMPERANCE: Balance, moderation, patience, purpose / Imbalance, excess, self-healing, re-alignment
* Friday Card Draw: 2 of Clubs (+75)
Began with 1500 words. Currently has 1825 words

The Hellish Pardoner's Tale: The Judas Coin

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