Week #431 - Canterbury Tales: Blood Throne Edition
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This story was critiqued by:
Maugrim (crit)

* Corrupt Chrismatory: Your story involves something corrupt disguised as something pure, and something pure disguised as something corrupt (+300)
* Monday's spooky castle: HAUNTED and developed an AVERSION to things being spilled and an AFFINITY for shoes
[strike]* Tuesday's terrible inn: DRUNK, now singing "Get outta your mind (what), get outta your mind (what), get outta your mind (what) / Bump that shit, get outta your mind (what)"[/strike] Purified (-200)
* Wednesday's treasure hunt: You searched under this weird tile that looks like two friars. A little on the nose, but ok?? (+100)
* Surprise fairy attack: Limpid Goldeneyes demands GOLD
* Thursday's Encounter: INVISIBLE (-100)
* Limerick: entered (+50) Won 2nd Place (+150)
Began with 1500 words. Currently has 1800 words

The Wet Friar's Tale: Trust Not Boasts, but Deeds

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