Week #469 - happy birthday cake time
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Tyrannosaurus (crit)

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Recap for Week #469 @ 91:44

Chips and Cookies! +200 words
Exactly half your story is a dream, and that dream is more important than the reality
“The smoke of a burning human skull will drive bees to murder.”
None of your characters can understand each other, but desperately need to.

Pizza! +300 words
Tyrannosaurus names one of your major characters (from a Tyrannosaurus prompt) Corbeau Jarry
Antivehicular gives you a inspirational webcomic (from an Antivehicular prompt) [url]https://thunderdome.cc/images/imgur/80o0kcE.png[/url]
"It was all a dream" is not only a valid ending to your story, it's the only ending.

Ice Cream! +400 words
One of your characters is a narcissist. If the story is not focusing on them, they will try to tug it back to them.

Jarry dreams no more

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