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Date: 10-22-2012
Word Limit: 1200
Words Written: 14,714

Judges (crits):
Sitting Here
Week Archivist: Kaishai

Crown nailed into my inch thick skull, blood still seeping thickly out, I return before you. The whispers susurrate among the crowd - he is unknown. A transgressor. An intruder. But he also has chainsaws for hands. They don't know what to expect.

With victory still fresh enough to be drinking the blood of the vanquished from their skulls like punch, I bring you a new challenge.

Prompt: I want a story with a villain. But not just any villain: we're talking full on atrocious monster. I want somebody who by the time the story is done, I hate. The villain can be an antagonist if that tickles your pickle, but I'd prefer if they were the protagonist.

The genre is anything you like, format is equally as free. Continuing last week's precedent, pictures are allowable if you think they add something. Writing a good villain without sounding strained is not easy by any stretch. Especially given the amount of space you have, which is...

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