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Date: 8-11-2015
Word Limit: 1250
Words Written: 27,963

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Audio Recap: Pokemon Week
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We’ve been talking lots about anime lately, so it's about time that you battle in the honor of one of one of the most well written animes of all time, Pokemon.

I have fond memories of Pokemon, both as a game and as a television show. Although I haven’t played a game to completion in close to a decade, I have probably played at least one game in each of the ten or so generations spanning several Nintendo systems. I’d say I am a Pokemaster, or, maybe the title of Pokemon Professor is more apt.


Professor WLOTM, at your service!

At the beginning of the first Pokemon game, a lovable old man gifts the plucky youngster, Ash, with a single pokemon of Ash’s choosing. This week, I will do the same for you. Did you know there are 718 721 pokemon?

Choose wisely and quickly… I only have one of each.


The Task: This week, you are going to pick a pokemon and write a story about it. Pretty simple, I’d say; however, there are a few rules:

1. You must post your Pokemuse when you sign up for the week. [spoiler]Posting a small picture would also be nice[/spoiler] See, I want to know which Pokemon you are picking because I want to fantasize all week about how disappointed I will be on Sunday evening, once you've squandered the potential of your glorious monster. I will be happy to assign you a Pokemon if desired, and failure to select a pokemon at the time of signup means that I get to pick for you.

2. You may trade pokemon with another domer if you change your mind on your monster. Trading is half the fun.

3. I may assign you a flashrule depending on the pokemon you select. Some pokemon have a special sentimentality to me, and as such, these pokemon come with special requirements. Think of them as a pokelandmine.

4. YOU ARE NOT WRITING ABOUT ACTUAL POKEMON, YOU CHUCKLEFUCKS. If you write about pokemon being real, or fantastic creatures that may be similar to pokemon, or include any references to the pokemon universe, I will automatically DQ/DM/Fail you. DO NOT TEST ME ON THIS.

(But WLOTM, thats confusing>

Don’t be so literal. Also, use this website: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/all

Look at each pokemon; look at what it fucking looks like. It is your muse. Look at the color scheme. Look at its type, weaknesses, strengths, move list, abilities, and, most importantly, its Pokedex entries. There is some fucked up shit in those Pokedex entries. Basically, you are welcome to be inspired by the pokemon in any way, so long as you aren’t actually writing about pokemon.

Please don’t fuck it up.

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