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Date: 11-16-2015
Word Limit: 1212
Words Written: 17,883

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Bust out your whiteboards and exercise ball chairs, because this week you're forming a startup! That's right, TD is buying into the bubble, and everybody here is writing about an App that doesn't actually exist. Maybe it's a great app you wish DID exist, or maybe it's a terrible app that brings ruin and destruction to everybody that uses it (so basically google+). I don't really care, because like all plot devices, it's only a conduit to an interesting story about CHARACTERS. I say that every time, and some of yous just refuse to listen.

You can write about people using an app or designing one or whatever, just a fictitious piece of software must be a part of the story.

But wait, there's more! Startups aren't usually a solo venture, so this week you may pair up with one (1) other person and form a partnership. You don't get any extra words or anything, and if your startup fails, you both go down in flames. Partnerships are hard work sometimes!

Don't tell me what your app is when you sign up; I'd rather read about it and be shown how it affects your character's lives. DO tell me if you're working with somebody else. Once you sign up solo, YOU CANNOT WORK WITH SOMEBODY ELSE. If you sign up as a partnership, you may only submit one story. No breakups. So know wtf you're doing before mashing that reply button. NO EXCEPTIONS

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